Awards                   SCEH awards ribbon

Each year, at our Annual Awards Banquet, the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH) recognizes leaders in the field of hypnosis. 

Our Awards include:

  1. The Henry Guze Award – for the best research paper on hypnosis (since 1970)
  2. The Roy M. Dorcus Award – for the best paper in clinical hypnosis (since 1971)
  3. The Bernard Raginski Award – for leadership in the field of clinical hypnosis (Since 1960)
  4. The Shirley Schneck Award – to a physician who has made significant contributions to the development of medical hypnosis
  5. The Arthur Shapiro Award – for the best book on hypnosis (since 1970)
  6. The Crasilneck Award – for the best first paper presented by a graduate student or young scientist at a SCEH meeting
  7. The Hilgard Award – for the best theoretical paper on hypnosis
  8. The Erika Fromm Award – for excellence in teaching (since 1999)
  9. The Stanley Krippner Award – for efforts supporting the field of hypnosis by students or early career professional (since 2018)
  10. The Presidential Award – for outstanding contributions to scientific and professional hypnosis and for outstanding work on behalf of the Society


Read about our latest award winners in our Focus newsletter.