Our Mission And Values


To promote excellence and progress in hypnosis research, education, and clinical practice.


The SCEH annual meeting is the premier venue for presenting new experimental studies and is the focus of vigorous scientific and clinical discussion.  SCEH has assumed a leadership role among professional hypnosis societies, while collaborating freely and enthusiastically with ASCH, ISH and Division 30 of the American Psychological Association. SCEH’s curriculum and training is recongized by professional schools (medical, dental, psychology, social work).  More than 50 trainees (residents, fellows, postgraduate learners, and students in the medical and mental health professions) attend the SCEH conference each year. SCEH provides educational material for patients and the general public about the benefits and risks of hypnosis. Membership is steadily increasing. SCEH is the voice of professional hypnosis, interfacing with other professional organizations and educating the public.



  • Professionalism
  • Ethical Behavior
  • Competence in Clinical Practice
  • Developing Techniques with Enhanced Utility and Applicability to Clinical Care
  • Using Hypnosis to Enhance Our Own Growth and that of Our Patients
  • Strengthening the Evidence Base of  Practice by Incorporating Research Findings into Clinical Practice
  • Teaching and Life-Long Learning


The Society's Goal
Growth of scientific understanding and clinical applications of hypnosis now and in the future.