SCEH Certification in Clinical Hypnosis

Certification by the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH) provides a standard of excellence and dedication for the practice of clinical hypnosis and for the use of hypnosis in research and academic teaching. Certification in Clinical Hypnosis (CCH) provides recognition of SCEH clinicians and scientists who meet established educational and training requirements in clinical hypnosis. Additionally, CCH recognizes SCEH members who are committed to enhancing their knowledge and skills in clinical hypnosis. While some hypnosis associations offer “certification” programs to laypersons, SCEH ensures that the certified professional is a licensed health care professional. 

The following individuals hold the Certification in Clinical Hypnosis (CCH) (in alphabetical order):

Cameron Alldredge, PhD
Roger Carlson, PhD
Nate Ewigman, PhD
Samuel Kohlenberg, PhD
Samuel B. Lurie, MEd, MSW
Brenda Rohren, MA, MFS, LIMHP, LADC, MAC, BC-TMH
Victoria P. Tate, PsyD
Tracey Torosian, PhD
Christopher Webster, MS, LMFT

The following individuals hold the 
Certification by Prior Experience (CPE) (in alphabetical order):

Eric Proescher, PsyD, MPH


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SCEH ACE Certified Clinicians

The Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis certification program recognizes committed practitioners and scientists who are members of the Society and who are willing to commit themselves to an individualized program designed to improve their own knowledge and skill in hypnosis and to help expand the field and teach their colleagues.  The following is a list those who hold the ACE certification.

Michael W. Brand, PhD

Joseph Carcione, DO, MBA

Roger Carlson, PhD

Carol Ginandes, PhD

Richard P. Kluft, MD, PhD

Kathy Kravits, MA

John C. Mohl, MA, MEd

Guy H. Montgomery, PhD

Donald Moss, PhD

Stephen Pauker, MD

Tammy Pitt (Trainee)

Patricia Powell-Mockler, PhD

Philip Shenefelt, MD

Eric Willmarth, PhD

Michael J. Yonkovig, PhD