SCEH Mentorship Program

Program Promotes Research-driven Careers in the Field of Hypnosis

SCEH is the research home for clinicians, researchers, and scholars studying hypnosis. The Society is devoted not only to accommodating accomplished clinical and experimental researchers, but also to fostering the next generation of scientists in our field.

In order to boost the professional growth of early career professionals engaged in research within the society, SCEH created its Mentorship Program. This members only program connects early career professionals looking for guidance with senior members of the Society intent on supporting new talent. The mentor-mentee pairs are matched based on their research interests, needs and expertise.

The SCEH website includes a list of available mentors and their profile pages, allowing a mentee to select a preferred mentor. Please note this page is updated as we add program participants.

Program Outline

Matching Mentors and Mentees

Participating in the SCEH Mentorship Program is voluntary for both mentors and mentees. Mentees submit applications online via the SCEH website.

Mentors will be sent the applications by SCEH and can decide if they wish to consider mentoring a particular applicant, based on the Mentee’s application. Mentees should be aware they may not be accepted by their preferred mentor.

Details on What is Provided in the Mentorship

The details of the mentorship is to be negotiated between the mentor and the mentee. The mentorship could take the form of a be a single phone call or regular in-person meetings. Mentorship can be related to clinical or experimental research, or development of teaching skills.

Eligibility Criteria for Mentors:
  • current and full member in SCEH
  • able to commit at least 3 hours a year for each mentee

Eligibility Criteria for Mentees:
  • current member of SCEH (student or full member)
  • able to commit at least 3 hours a year for the program


Members Invited to Participate

Full Members are urged to become SCEH Mentors.  Full and Student Members are eligible to apply to become SCEH Mentees.   

To participate, members are invited to complete the appropriate online form below.  Member log-in is required.  After your form has been submitted, the SCEH Mentorship Committee will follow up with you.

Mentor Form             Mentee Form


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List of Mentors (Members only page)

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Please contact Zoltan Kekecs, PhD via email: [email protected]