Certification Renewal


Certification in Clinical Hypnosis (CCH)

The Executive Council of SCEH recently voted to approve a  new and updated Certification Program, the Certification in Clinical Hypnosis (CCH) which will replace our former program.

You can find a summary of the new certification here

We will roll out our new certification program following our 2018 Annual Conference. Watch our website for more details.







The Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis's certification program recognizes committed practitioners and scientists who are members of the Society and who are willing to commit themselves to an individualized program designed to improve their own knowledge and skill in hypnosis and to help expand the field and teach their colleagues.

ACE certification runs in a four-year cycle.  Renewal applicants must submit a one page statement as to how their original commitment was achieved AND their plan for the next three years. To maintain SCEH-ACE status, the member must attend at least one SCEH national meeting in any four-year period. 

There is a $75.00 certification renewal fee every four years. The written plan for the next four years must include one of the following three pathways:

  1. on-going education in hypnosis,
  2. research in hypnosis, or
  3. practice improvement in the hypnosis elements of your practice.

SCEH Certification for Active Commitment to Excellence in Hypnosis shall expire should a certificate holder fail to renew SCEH membership within three (3) months of the annual call for dues.